Accelerate milestones through repetition and digital reassurance.

Augment skills training with remote support.

avail’s self-directed learning provides motivating content specific to the needs of each individual and job placement with 24/7 remote support through repetition and reassurance using a discreet mobile device.

Reduce high level one-to-one with digital prompts.

Prompting tasks are short videos, pictures, audio or text depicting a sequence of steps where the individual is asked to perform each step one at a time and can easily be adjusted based on goals, preferences, job placement and progression.

Expand the capacity of staff and resources.

Maximize resources, increase outcomes. 

With the use of avail®, an employee can reference the discreet, mobile tool for skill reinforcement, reducing onsite presence allowing the individual to fit more naturally, and in turn expand the capacity of existing staff to help more individuals.

Quick content deployment and sharing capabilities.

avail’s time-saving task templates are designed to guide the job coach, counselor or caregiver through each step adding prompts along the way. Curriculum can be created and shared across the organization and with multiple learners with the ability to easily customize tasks for a learner onsite in real time.

A collaborative experience.

With avail 2.0, multiple users can be associated with one or multiple learners whether it be a job coach, caregiver or counselor, creating a more learner-centric experience with quick access to learner data and tasks from a management perspective.

Support through state vocational rehabilitation facilities and other financial resources. 

Funders see the added value in assistive technology.

Funding poses one of the largest obstacles to the acquisition of assistive technology. Many individuals with disabilities and their families aren’t aware of all the funding options available. Usage of smart devices and assistive technology while remote learning during the pandemic bolstered confidence among individuals, which led to more funders now seeing the value in solutions like avail. As a partner to many vocational rehabilitation facilities across the country, now more than ever, these centers realize the life-changing impact avail has on users.

Organizations that are leveraging avail to help individuals achieve independence.

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